Tests for Soroka course

Tests for Soroka course

What are they for?

The exercises from these tests can be used as: tests, additional exercises, and an entry test. If you have doubts about which level to start with — Soroka 1 or Soroka 2 — please do all of these tests first, and this will help you to determine the level.

Exactly the same tests in their entirety are at the very end of the Soroka Teacher’s Book. So, if you already purchased the Teacher’s Book, you already have these tests. You don’t need to buy this file.

These are the links to the files:

Soroka 1 test https://sorokam.com/en/catalog/tests1
Soroka 2 test https://sorokam.com/en/catalog/tests2
Soroka 3 test https://sorokam.com/en/catalog/test3

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