Study in Class and Online

Study in class

You can find classes, private lessons in person, lessons online (via Skype and other programs).

It is not so easy to find group lessons. Check your local Orthodox churches and see if they offer something that you can attend. Also check the local newspapers or website where people advertise their services. The good thing about studying in a group is that you will not be alone. You will be able to see other people, their progress, the mistakes they make. Sometimes you can hide behind the group if you don’t understand something, or if it’s difficult to remember.

Working with groups will help you to find good friends who have the same passion for languages.

Study online

Consider learning online if:

  • No Russian language groups exist in your area.
  • Your work schedule is very busy, and you cannot attend the lessons.
  • You prefer individual work.

You can find a teacher online; a language school; or a personal instructor.  The most important thing is to find someone that you really like. I have a student who had another Russian instructor before we started to work together. This teacher never smiled, and that was the reason why the student didn’t want to go on with her. She liked my approach better because I always smile and always cheer up my students. I know that it is very important for them to feel my support and approval.

Yes, to my understanding you can have a perfectly educated teacher with college degree, but if you don’t like the sound of her voice, you will be aggravated all the time and won’t enjoy the process. Sometimes teachers that have no degree but love the language are very friendly, and you understand their explanations very well – you’d be better off to go to a teacher like that.

Some people don’t understand how to pay if the teacher is in a different city or even in a different country. Don’t worry, there are many systems you can use to transfer money that are safe and secure.

Another concern people sometimes have is how they can see a document if the person is so far from them. There are many ways a teacher can share documents with you on your screen, or sometimes your instructor might suggest that you buy the same book he or she has, so you can open it where needed.

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