Describe in Russian

It is all about speaking.

Take a picture and start talking about things you can see in the picture.

For example, your topic is Одежда. Take a picture from a fashion magazine, or a fashion show, or an advertisement of a clothes store and start talking about what you see in the picture. Don’t forget about little details. Or you can take a picture of a street crowd. Look at the picture and tell what people wear: what colors they have, are their clothes long or short, small or big, are the heels high?

If your topic is  Еда, take a recipe, menu, or food ads and try to say what colors or sizes you can see, or the names of vegetables, fruits and grains.

And of course, you can make a recording of your voice and listen to your speech later. I am sure you will notice something that you need to improve. It might be grammar, accents or word choice.

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