How to Drill Russian Words

Words don’t exist by themselves. They are a part of a sentence. You will memorize it better when you try to remember it with other words, in a sentence.

First, as I wrote before, make your own sentence with the new words you study — at least three. If the word has many different meanings, make sentences with all the different meanings. The word соль can be salt or the musical note G (sol). The word ручка can be a pen, a small hand (of a child) or a handle (of an armchair or a drawer). 

It is helpful to watch TV or movies and write down the words you hear. On TV you hear the speech, not just words. You might remember some of the sayings or phrases and use them later.

It is even better to remember the phrases than words.

I know and very often use another way of learning words and phrases. It is called drilling. It is oral drilling, not writing.

You take a phrase and change it a little bit.

For example: Я вижу письмо. Start to change one word here — insert the words from this list: читаю, пишу, беру, книгу, газету, дом, дерево, маму, сестру, карандаш.

At the end, your sentences will look like this:

Я вижу письмо. Я читаю письмо. Я пишу письмо. Я беру письмо. Я вижу книгу. В вижу газету. Я вижу дом. Я вижу дерево. Я вижу маму. Я вижу сестру. Я вижу карандаш.

Now you can see why it is called drilling.

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