NEWS and SPECIAL DEALS – November 2022

*** On Nov.23, 2022, my colleagues and I met in New York!

We held a small roundtable and had nice conversations over lunch. There were colleagues whom I had met before personally, and people whom I had only communicated with online. It was my pleasure to meet everyone in person!

*** On Oct. 22, 2022, I had a meeting with colleagues from New Jersey where I managed to communicate with teachers of the Russian language from The Do-Re-Mi School.

I’d like to remind you that you may invite me to speak at your school as well. All you need to do is just let me know about it in advance.

*** A new coupon is available at the website. This time, all who ordered a set of eight books will receive “Illustrated Russian Grammar” by Goutta Snetkov as a gift.

Have a good November!

Soroka. Russian language for children

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