Jacksonville, Florida

I invite everybody to meet in Jacksonville, Florida.

Just to talk about our work, and have some tea.

When: May 10, 2024, 3-4 pm

Where: Panera Bread at 35 Capital Green Drive, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081
Call me if you have any questions (855) 765-1265; 9am-5pm CST

Soroka. Russian language for children

Where can I buy the Soroka Russian for Kids course and other questions

First, decide which version you need: print or electronic. A printed book is an ordinary book. Electronic access to documents is through files on the SorokaM.com website; these files can be viewed and printed. The site is American, and works all over the world. (People buy from us in Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the USA, and other countries.) We accept payment by credit card and PayPal. The electronic version offers savings on shipping, for sure; but savings on printing are doubtful — printing on a printer, especially color, is very expensive. Calculate how much it will cost to print the entire book yourself vs. buying printed copies, especially considering that in some countries, delivery is free (to the USA, for example). But choose for yourself. I personally love regular books.

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Soroka. Russian language for children

Playing Bingo in Florida

What: Playing the games from the Soroka course. The special focus is on the Bingo game.
Where: Miami, Florida.
When: February 25, 2024, from 3–5 p.m.

We meet at Hotel Marriott lobby

the address is 2051 S Le Jeune Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

This is the number you can call if you have any questions of get lost (855) 765-1265.

Please be aware that online broadcasting and video recording are not provided.      


Soroka. Russian language for children

NEWS and SPECIAL DEALS at Asordi.com and Soroka Digital YouTube Channel

1. Maria Goncharenko’s books for teaching bilingual children are now available at asordi.com.

2. A big summer sale has started at asordi.com. Get a 20% discount on the books of the Soroka and Sarafan Courses, including the book “Vassily the Cat”.

3. A new section titled “Samizdat” (SELFPUBLISHED) designed specifically for teachers who want to publish their materials but, for some reason, are unable to work with established publishers, was introduced on the YouTube channel.

The subjects we have already covered and to which I’d like you to pay attention are:

Soroka. Russian language for children

NEWS and SPECIAL DEALS – February 2023

I) The AATSEEL Conference will take place virtually, Feb. 17-19, 2023. I will host an informal roundtable called “Teaching Cyrillic 2 Kids.”
The round table will be from 1:00 – 1:30 pm EST on Saturday February 18. For more information, visit the official website of the conference at https://www.aatseel.org.

II) I invite everyone to the meeting in Italy! Here is the schedule of events:

**Feb. 26, 2023 (Sunday): Rome, from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti по адресу: P.za dell’Esquilino, 1, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

**March 1, 2023 (Wednesday): Florence, from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Centro Culturale Russo
Address: Piazza Santo Spirito 9, Firenze
Tel: + 39 335 395501. www.Centrorussofirenze.it

**March 2-4, 2023 (Thursday – Saturday): Parma – Milan, conference on bilingualism. http://bilingualism.parma.tilda.ws/2023

**March 5, 2023 (Sunday): Milan, from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Hilton Milan по адресу: Via Luigi Galvani, 12, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

The topic of all presentations will be “Using a Training Aid Called ‘Three Bogatyrs’ to Learn Agreement of Different Parts of Speech in Gender, Number and Case.”
Link to registration form: https://forms.gle/N5TEcAhuaB826tPZ6

III) Soroka’s eBay store has been reopened. I invite everyone who prefers buying textbooks through this site to our store.

Soroka. Russian language for children

NEWS and SPECIAL DEALS – December 2022

*** The Spanish version of the Teacher’s Book for Soroka 1 has been published. I’m pleased to invite everyone to the presentation of the book, which will take place on Dec. 4, 2022, in the capital of Mexico – Mexico City.

*** The last coupon offer on all Teacher’s Books is available. Enter the code “tbook” in the coupon field to get the book at a lower price of $8.99.

This is the last promo code on the site, because statistics show that our clients don’t use codes to receive a discount. Even when we offered a 20 percent discount on all books, for some reason people purchased books at full price. For that reason, there will be no more promo codes on the site.

Soroka. Russian language for children

Mexico City, Mexico

The conference room is located on the 8th floor. It will be open starting 9 am. See you all!

I invite everyone to meet with me in the wonderful capital of Mexico – Mexico City.

The program includes: the presentation of the Teacher’s Book of Soroka 1 in the Spanish language, communication with colleagues and parents, and coffee breaks with crackers.

The event will take place on Dec. 4, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Hotel Benidorm, located at:

Frontera #217, Col. Roma, C.P. 06700, México, Ciudad de México. https://www.benidorm.com.mx/

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Soroka. Russian language for children

NEWS and SPECIAL DEALS – October 2022

*** On Aug. 25, 2022, Marianna Avery and Polina Guelfreikh held a webinar called “Reading in Russian” (“Как читать с билингвами”), using the book “Vassily the Cat” (original title: “Бабушка кота Василия”) as reading material.  All 106 attendees received the link to the webinar recording. The video of the webinar will be coming out on the Soroka YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to SorokaDigital , so as not to miss it.

*** The Soroka 2 course is available for purchase at sorokam.com  as units. I’d like to remind you that each file is the “horizontal cross-section” of the course, as it contains pages from the Student’s Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Book. This is a convenient way to purchase the course, one unit at a time.

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Soroka. Russian language for children