How to choose a textbook of Russian for children: 12 questions

There are a lot of good Russian textbooks for children on the market. How can you choose the one that is right for you and your students?

I can already hear the exclamation: Well, since she is an author, she will now start promoting her textbooks! But I won’t start; later I’ll explain why. And now back to the topic. In the first part, I will tell you about selection criteria, how I personally would choose a Russian textbook, what questions I would ask during the selection. In the second part, so be it — we will talk a little about my books, and decide for yourself whether the textbook Soroka is suitable for you, or you need to look for something else. But first, how to choose a textbook.

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Soroka. Russian language for children

Where can I buy the Soroka Russian for Kids course and other questions

First, decide which version you need: print or electronic. A printed book is an ordinary book. Electronic access to documents is through files on the website; these files can be viewed and printed. The site is American, and works all over the world. (People buy from us in Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the USA, and other countries.) We accept payment by credit card and PayPal. The electronic version offers savings on shipping, for sure; but savings on printing are doubtful — printing on a printer, especially color, is very expensive. Calculate how much it will cost to print the entire book yourself vs. buying printed copies, especially considering that in some countries, delivery is free (to the USA, for example). But choose for yourself. I personally love regular books.

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Soroka. Russian language for children

NEWS and SPECIAL DEALS at and Soroka Digital YouTube Channel

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3. A new section titled “Samizdat” (SELFPUBLISHED) designed specifically for teachers who want to publish their materials but, for some reason, are unable to work with established publishers, was introduced on the YouTube channel.

The subjects we have already covered and to which I’d like you to pay attention are:

Soroka. Russian language for children

Soroka 1 Teacher’s Book in English

Teacher’s Book in English is available on Amazon. Follow the link 

The same book is also available on my web-site. Here is the link

If you prefer pdf files you can purchase them on TpT press here

Soroka. Russian language for children