Tests in the Soroka Course

There is no need to explain what tests are designed for; hence, I suggest considering their role within the course.

Each level includes three tests that are found on the final pages of the Teacher’s Book. Students are to take them after Lessons 5, 10 and 15.

The tests are convenient to estimate since each item in the task is numbered and is one point. Thus, the teacher should only determine whether a student has completed it correctly or not.

You can also purchase tests separately on the sorokam.com website. However, you don’t need to buy them if you already have the Teacher’s Book. These are exactly the same tests, which I have combined into one file, since not all teachers work on the book but all of them use tests from it.

There are several options for how to use them in the lesson. We can apply them as:

A) final tests;

B) additional exercises for reading and writing, because the reporting period in some schools during which students are taking tests commonly doesn’t coincide with that which Soroka proposes;

С) an entry test by means of which a teacher can determine the level of his students and find out if they are prepared to start with Soroka 2, for example, or not. In this case, students should take tests from Soroka 1. If students have successfully passed it, they can commence learning with Soroka 2. If they have made several mistakes, they should take Soroka 1.

The next thing you should take into account is that by testing, we can estimate only reading and writing skills. If you need to check listening or speaking skills, I recommend using other exercises. For example, you may play with the students to see how they respond to your speech.

Another thing, which is worth noticing, is that you should plan a separate day for testing. If you have some time left, it’s better to play than try to combine a test with a regular lesson. Schedule a day and time to conduct them.

Once again, I’d like to point out that we have tests in the course; they are exactly the same as the ones that are sold separately on the sorokam.com website. It is unnecessary to buy them if you already have the Teacher’s Book.

Thus, we should keep in mind that mistakes are growth points, which should be constantly analyzed in order to find a way to prevent them.

All the best! And have good tests!

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