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Last time, I talked about how the Teacher’s Books are an important component of my “Soroka: Russian for Kids” course. Today I will talk more about this topic.

In addition to helping students learn Russian not just by reading but also by listening, there are also three tests at each level of the course. If you don’t need these tests, you can use them as additional worksheets.

However, you need these tests. First of all, they are a good way to review everything. Secondly, the tests I offer are easy to grade, since these tests have the сlear criteria for grading. There are only 20 points.

I think there are a lot of other different ideas, interesting ideas, such as the dictation of Surikov, when the teacher dictates some words and the student draws those words. For example, the teacher dictates “red book,” “a girl in the red dress sits on the chair,” and the student draws these images. All of these instructions are written in the teacher’s book.

On top of these instructions, there are very detailed recommendations for each lesson. For example: when you need to open the book, and when you need to close the book. This is written in Lesson 3 of the “Teacher’s Book” for “Soroka 1.”

The Teacher’s Books also contain answer keys that are very useful when Russian is not your native language. They also are useful for those who doubt the spelling of some words, or are unsure of how to answer a question. Someone might have trouble understanding a question and could check the Teacher’s Book, which contains all the answers.

That’s why I strongly recommend that you look through it, and perhaps even buy it and use it in your work. Not matter what, you definitely need to use it in your work.

You can find the link to the Teacher’s Book here.

I wish you all the best and, as usual, look forward to your feedback and comments.

Watch my video on YouTube about the Teacher’s Book. English subtitles are available. Here is the link.

Goodbye until next time!

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