Everybody Needs Comics

Everyone loves interesting stories, especially kids.

When we first start learning Russian, we also want to read something interesting. But our level of language is not yet good enough to read interesting books. Stories in pictures come to the rescue — comics.

Today I am showing you the “Urfin Come Home” comic. This is the story of the boys who helped the dog to return home.

The comic comes in two versions. With Option 1, the comic is included in the Student’s Book of the Soroka 3 course. Each chapter of the Student’s Book has a story page; and the Teacher’s Book has options for working with the comic, questions that you can ask students about the book, and indications of what you need to pay attention to.

You can work without relying on the Teacher’s Book and ask questions yourself. For example, ask: “What are they selling at the market? What is Mom buying? Tell us about the person who lost his dog. What page did you see him on for the first time?” etc.

With Option 2, the comic was published as a separate book, in a 22-by-28-cm format featuring a special font that is easy to read even for dyslexic children.

The interesting story and colorful book is beautiful, both as a tool for learning the language and as a gift to a child.

I will also tell you that this story actually happened to my brother.

Enjoy your reading.

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Читаем комикс и учим русский язык


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