Answer to a Question Regarding Unit 10 of Soroka 1

“How can we learn all forms of verbs in this unit?” is a new question regarding Unit 10 of Soroka 1, which I received by mail and would like to reply to.

Before you start exploring the unit, set the goal to learn infinitives. Not infinitives in general, but of verbs that we have learned before in the third person singular (читает, ест, бежит, etc.). When you keep focused on it, the logic of the instructions becomes more apparent.

Follow the instructions in the Teacher’s Book. Stick to the Oral Approach (listening – speaking – reading – writing).

I recommend using a toy or a picture for this lesson.

As always, we need to conduct an oral drill first. It means that you and the students together should repeat all phrases at least three times. You as a teacher have two options here – either pronounce phrases with the students or turn on the audio file. In this phase, we need to show students an example of pronunciation and intonation. The second phase of drilling comes when we ask students to repeat phrases individually; that’s an important phase because when students repeat phrases in chorus, they can “hide” in it. When they do the same individually, we can observe their progress and determine what is drilled enough and what is not. We also remember that mistakes are growth points; when we hear mistakes, we take note and correct them if necessary.

Further on, we move to the “Chain” game, which is also described in the Teacher’s Book. Let me give an example of how it works. One student says: “Шарик читает.” The other replies: “Шарик любит читать.” Then the first student says: “Шарик спит.” The second answers: “Шарик любит спать,” and so on. We continue working this way until all forms from this unit are drilled.

Then we read the page from the Student’s Book. I’ve written about reading before many times. Turn on the audio file or read the text by yourself so that the students can follow along in the book and repeat after you. Later they will read by themselves.

Finally, we prepare students for the test by reviewing colors. I’d like to remind you that all tests are placed in the back of the Teacher’s Book. If you already have it and follow its instructions, then see the tests at the end. If you don’t, you can purchase them at

Please send me your feedback and ask any questions you might have on certain units. I truly appreciate it.

Watch my video on YouTube on this subject. Turn on English subtitles. Here is the link

Soroka. Russian language for children

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