The Manual for Parents

as Well as for the Teachers Who Are Teaching One-on-One Using Soroka

Part 1

This is such a long title. What for? It is done to invite conversation among people who are interested. This absolutely does not mean that others cannot join. On the contrary, it is necessary! When I write, I always think about my companion.  This time in my mind it is YOU. Yes-yes!  It is you. You are the mother who is living abroad and wants her child to speak Russian. Is that right? Wherever you are, you do not have the teachers you want.  Or you do not like their curriculum. It is necessary to get down to work by yourself.

Where do we begin? As usual, let us begin with the goals of teaching. If you have come across my course Soroka, chances are your child is 7-9 years old. He/she does not speak Russian but speaks the language of the country where you live. So, what do you want to achieve?  Together with Soroka, we can learn to passably speak on the everyday themes/topics, such as get acquainted with each other/introduce oneself, greet someone and say “good-bye,” learn days of the week, colors, and sizes, count items, and say what we have or what we do not have. The course is based on the conversation, therefore you will need to review/repeat the same words and phrases. Reading and writing follow behind conversation.  We read only the words that we are learning, and then we write them.

Your child cannot read in Russian, can he/she? It is understandable. We are going to teach. Do not worry.

Since we mentioned level of language mastery, it is impossible that a child does not know anything with his/her Russian mother. Of course, you would like to ask: “Should we start with Soroka 2?” My answer is “No. Start with Soroka 1.” If it is going to be easy, you will be able to move fast and review all the themes/topics. On the other hand, if you discover some gaps in the knowledge, there will be time to fill in these gaps.

So, what do we have in Soroka? We have a student book and activity book , as well as the manual for parents and audio files. There is also my blog where you can ask questions.

Soroka. Russian language for children

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