Unit 3. Lesson 3.

We continue with the translation of the Teacher’s Book for the Soroka 1 Russian for Kids course, with our last Lesson of Unit 3.

You may sample the Student’s Book and Activity Book pages on my website.

In this lesson we are learning

Plurals nouns and plural verbs

Review / Warm-up

“Chain – drills.” We practice a question–and-answer: “Сколько тебе лет? – Мне 8 лет.” (“How old are you?” – “I am 8 years old.”)

Reading by syllables

In the usual order, one more time we repeat those syllables, which were problematic, and then we add new words and syllables.


(Student’s Book, page 12)

Repeat all main phrases, learned in previous lessons, such as “Как дела?” – “Хорошо, а у тебя?” (“How are you?” – “Good, how are you?”); “Как тебя зовут?” – “Меня зовут Максим.” (“What is your name?” – “My name is Maxim.”); “Что это?” – “Это ручка” (“What is this?” – “This is a pen.”).

Singular and plural verbs.

Student’s Book page. We name numbers in the telephone number.

Reading and writing

(Activity Book, pages 11 and 12)

Make sure that all students understand the assignment. In Assignment 4 on page 11, students should write numbers in letters. In Assignment 5, students should read the numbers, solve the problem and write the answer in Russian. In Assignment 6, students should choose words from the word box and write them above the underline.

Talk about all phrases with students. This way it will be easy for them to add missing words.

Answers to the assignment

Assignment 5 page 11

2) девять, 3) четыре, 4) семь, 5) десять, 6) восемь, 7) десять, 8) пять.

Assignment 6 page 12

  1. Как тебя зовут? Меня зовут Вика.
  2. Что это? Это карандаш.
  3. Сколько тебе лет? Мне 7 лет.
  4. Как дела? Спасибо, хорошо.
  5. Максим читает.

Ending the lesson

Game. A teacher writes a number on the board, and students name it. The easiest option of the game is when there are a few numbers written on the board, a teacher names a number, and students point at that number.

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