Manual for Parents – Part 3

In the manual, you are going to find lesson planning. Partially it is going to be the same as it is in the Soroka 1 manual for teachers. For this manual, I did not include the exercises/activities that can be completed in a group setting.  Furthermore, I would like to note that the difference will be that the manual, which you are reading now, is geared toward individual/one-on-one lessons with children regardless of whether the parents or teachers conduct the lessons.  However, I am going to focus my attention on parents, for they have less experience and need to be guided/assisted more.

I wrote the lesson plan keeping in mind that your lessons are going to be 35-40 minutes, three times a week. Of course, it is impossible even for experienced teachers to foresee the lesson rate. Therefore, all indicated time is very approximate.  Since your lessons are individual/one-on-one, you will move faster for many reasons.

In the manual’s appendix, you will find the cards for reading that you will need to print and cut out. I usually use contact paper so the cards will last a long time.

You can place cards in the individual envelopes: There are cards for each lesson. Also, I put colorful dots in the corner of the cards to sort them out with ease if they get mixed up during the lesson.

In addition to the cards, you will need to have the books with the pictures and toys that are going to “talk” with you.  It is not necessary to have toys; it can be any object. For example, you could use a pot with plants, and you could name it and “talk” with it. However, these objects, which are going to expand your team, are absolutely required.

In front of you, you should have a timepiece/clock. It is better to hang it on the wall or place it on the table. Children usually do not like it when a teacher/parent keeps looking at his/her wristwatch or the clock on the cellular phone. You might check the time on your cellular phone, but a child might think that you are on the phone.

So, on a planned day and at a planned time, you and your child will go to a separate room. (I am writing about an individual situation, remember.) If there is no room, you will get situated in the place that you have set up and decorated for the Russian-language lessons. In front of you, there is a clock. On the table, there is Soroka textbook, Soroka workbook, Soroka manual for parents, and the cards for reading (Lesson 1). You will also need the lesson’s audio files. You can listen to them from the site or you can download them on your computer. The files are free of charge: Find them at LET’S GO!

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