Parent's Manual. Unit 1 Lesson 1

Language Focus:

“Introduction, greetings, and saying ‘Goodbye’

Words, Phrases, and Translation:

Привет, я Вика. – Hello, I am Vika.

Как тебя зовут? – What is your name?

Пока! – Bye!

Смотри(те)! – Look!

Слушай(те)! – Listen!

Закрой(те) книг(и/у)! – Close the book(s)!

Oткрой(те) книг(и/у)! – Open the book(s)!

Пожалуйста! – Please!

Хорошо! – Good.

Садитесь (садись)! – Sit down!

До свидания! – Goodbye!


  1. Introduce yourself/yourselves. Shake the hands with the students and say:

“Привет! Я … (your name). The students repeat after you: “Привет! Я … (your name).”

  1. Ask: “Как тебя зовут?” Let the students repeat the question all together, in chorus.
  2. Ask every student the question: “Как тебя зовут?”
  3. Work in pairs/groups of two. The students ask each other the question “Как тебя зовут?”



  1. Как тебя зовут? Give the following directions: Смотри(те)! Слушай(те)!

Закрой(те) книг(и/у), открой(те) книг(и/у)! Use the gestures to clarify what you want   them to do.

  1. Read the words on Page 1 of the Student’s Book. The students listen and repeat.
  2. Play a quick game on listening comprehension. Simply call the names of the characters twice or three times. The students should be able to show their faces/pictures on Page 1.
  3. Choose a student who comes in front of the class and ask him/her: “Как тебя зовут?” After the student answers the question, say: “Хорошо! Пожалуйста, садись, … (имя ученика). (Good. Please sit down.) Repeat the same activity with two or more students, then choose a student who is going to act as a teacher asking other students: “Как тебя зовут?”



Match the characters’ pictures with their names. The students do not know the Russian alphabet yet, but they should notice that some look the same as in the English alphabet. They are helped by having seen the characters’ names and should remember them visually. If the students have difficulty with the exercise, place the book open on Page 1 in front of the students and ask them to see which words are written the same.

Exercise 1. Match the faces with the names.

Answers: Привет, я Вика! Привет, я Вова! Привет, я Аня!

Ending the Lesson

Say: “Закройте книги!” Then say: “До свидания!” – several times. The students should repeat after you twice or three times. Make sure that they understand the difference between “Привет” and “До свидания!” Say “До свидания!” to the students when they are leaving the classroom.

Be prepared! You will need big rectangles made of paper on which the students will write their names. Ask the students to bring them for the next lesson or get them ready yourself.

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